Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Somnambulist Wonders

About birds and tiny magnets in their brain
lending direction in flight. Do planets pull
at their dreams? If thunder on Jupiter rolls
with more venom will feathers bristle
against the leaves in fear?

What kinds of treasures the rain has known.
What the rain can tell him about being dirty.
What it feels like to be inundated
with another being's grime.

If a few marionettes twitch at night
though their strings are hooked at the ceiling.
If the wood under the paint senses the water
rushing under the buildings and etching down hills.
Are all puppets good at telling all stories, or do
some lay forgotten because their winks and crescendos
looked too morose against the pastel sets?

Will these puppets be revived
in fabulous new dark comedies?
Will it still be dark when
the mail arrives today?
Are the lions and the lambs
shut safely in their cupboards?

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